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Publishing your music is a lucrative way to work through the industry. Effectively publshing and licensing your music to TV, film, print, and elsewhere can provide you and your band with not only great exposure, but capital as well.

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Music Publishing Info

Guide to Music Publishing

Great book to help you understand the basics and beyond for music publishing. This complex area of the music business can be the most lucrative money maker for an artist. An important read for all musicians who want to understand want it means to publish and retain rights to your music. 

What does a music publisher do?

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Gives general overview of what a music publisher does.


"31% of the Music Publishing Revenue comes from Independent Record Labels and Musicians according to Credit Suisse. "

"If a writer is also an artist that has an independent record coming out, or has a song being used in a film or on television, the writer should consider forming a publishing company. www.benmclane.com"

The Pros & Cons of Signing a Publishing Deal More...


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