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After talking with many musicians about this serious issue, we spend a fair amount of time seeking out the best health services available to musicians.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Musicians Health Support


Hearos offers earplugs for musicians to help prevent hearing loss and damage from playing. 

Health Insurance Navigational Tool (HINT)

Location: Washington, WA 20036
The Future of Music Coalition has developed a tool with the goal to provide free, musician-friendly support and advice about health insurance. There are articles that give an overview of the options available for musicians, and a free telephone advice service where you can talk to an insurance expert about your situation. 


Location: Santa Monica, CA 90404
The "heart and soul" of MusiCares is the Emergency Financial Assistance Program that provides critical funds for music people struggling with financial, medical or personal crises. This program offers financial assistance for medical expenses including doctor, dental and hospital bills, prescriptions, addiction recovery treatment, psychotherapy, treatment for HIV/AIDS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other critical illnesses, as well as basic living expenses such as rent and utilities.

The Musicians Foundation

Location: New York, NY 10001
The Musicians Foundation helps professional musicians by providing emergency financial assistance in meeting current living, medical, and related expenses. Requesting money is handled by filling out an application on their website or by mail. You can also fianacial assistnace by telephone at 212-239-9137 or email at info@musiciansfoundation.org. 

AFM (American Federation of Musicians)

 AFM offers membership benefits such as collective bargaining, health/pension planing, travel resources, and more. See their website for extensive information about their serrvices.

Health Alliance for Austin Musicians

Location: Austin, TX 78703-0025
The mission of the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians is to provide access to affordable health care for Austin's low income, uninsured working musicians. 

Music Health Alliance

The Music Health Alliance is a service that specializes in preventing illness and maintaining wellness for musicians of all income levels. Their main approach to helping musicians is through education, guidance, and direction. Their experienced team helps musicians find affordable and effective plans that meet their needs. They also offer some financial assistance for musicians in need of medical resources.

Road Recovery

Location: New York, NY 10101-1680
Non-profit who help youth find ways towards healthy futures through mentoring, educational, and live performance based programs.

Sweet Relief

Location: Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Sweet Relief provides financial assistance to all types of career musicians who are facing illness, disability, or age-related problems

Chicago Federation of Musicians

Location: Chicago, IL
The Chicago Federation of Musicians is a local organization offering a variety of services to musicians in the Chicago area. Their welfare fund, which was established in 1961, helps musicians secure various forms of healthcare and medical services. See their website for a list of offered resources.


Location: Colorado Springs, CO 80935
Custom fit hearing protection designed for musicians


"96% of musicians lack healthcare. When an artist cancels shows because of illness, it infects the entire industry, straight down to the fans. "

"Today health insurance companies consider musicians an "at risk" population due to legitimate occupational health risks - road travel, hearing damage, and repetitive stress disorders. "

"Always warm up physically before you sing. In particular, stretch and loosen up your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Repeat after singing, to allow cooling down. "

"Singers - If you have a sore throat, remember vocal rest and hydration. Vocal rest means no singing, no shouting, no whispering, no forcing, and limit your phone calls. Hydration means water, not tea/coffee or alcohol. "

"Try to get your booking agent to arrange for well rounded healthy meals, either at the hotel or venue - or use your per diems wisely to make sure you're eating a balanced diet. "

"Do quick stretching throughout the day - it helps relieve stress and exercises your muscles. Try bringing a volleyball or soccer ball for some gas station games. "

"Make sure someone in the band has health and safety responsibilities and make sure that there is an adequately stocked first aid kit in the van or on the tour bus. "

"Keep significantly hydrated when in air-conditioned space - like a plane. This is important for singers, as the dehydrating effect of air-conditioning can make singing difficult. Wrapping your throat up can also help prevent drying of the throat. "

"Once hearing damage occurs, there is usually no cure. If you start experiencing hearing problems, such as a ringing in your ears, you need to get professional help. "

"Your hearing can not be replaced or renewed...once it is gone, it's gone"

"Hearing damage...it can take just one exposure to high decibel sound to develop tinnitus, the permanent ringing in the ears"

"If your ears are ringing, your body is telling you the music is too loud"

"Rule of thumb to protect your hearing, if you have to speak above a normal conversational level to be heard, the music is too loud."

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