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Building your online presence thru social networks with your fans is one of the most critical components of a successful band. Fans want relationships with the bands they like and your internet exposure is key for growing with your existing fans and getting new fans. It is a complicated maze of options out there so we rank the areas that we believe are most important for bands to use.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Social Networks for Musicians & Bands


Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends. Artists use facebook to keep connected to fans and is an effective tool to get your band exposure to new fans.  


Location: San Francisco, CA 94107
Twitter is a free service that allows you to update your website via a quick text using a phone or via a computer to tell your friends and fan base what you are doing at that moment. Many bands are using this on their web page to give quick updates on where they are, what they are doing while on tour, etc. It is a great way to frequently bring your fans back to your site to see what you are up to and to build out your fan base. 


tumblr. is used by many artists and bands to talk with fans, let fans know what the band's interests are, and for fans to follow bands. The most popular posts are photo's, videos and music via soundcloud which is a legal way to do it and credit the artist. It is a very visual medium for artists to share with fans and it feels more like you are having a conversation. It is very user friendly for artists to upload photo's and videos and customize the look and feel.  


Myspace is most popular place for musicians to have a free website that can expose your music to over 200 million and growing my space members. Also your music fans have a place to go to download songs, read your blog and hear about your upcoming tour dates. There are already millions of bands that have their own page on Myspace.


Flickr is one of the best free online photo management and sharing applications in the world. Show your fans your favorite photos and videos. Upload shots from each live show and keep them coming back.  


Location: San Francisco, CA 94107
bebo is a popular social network that allows you to create your own social profile and upload songs, videos, photos and connect with fans. 


Since 1998 D Music offers a full range of services that are helpful to musicians. They offer band hosting with free or low cost subscription services as well as space to store media files. Also offer legal/trademark, graphic design, production and distribution services.  

Tweet For a Track

Tweet for a Track is a service that enables artists to create viral Twitter promotions. Simply upload an MP3 to give your fans in exchange for a tweet and their email.  They do charge $24 to give you the emails and twitter usernames of the fans that downloaded your MP3.


Location: NY
Headliner.fm is a powerful social promotion solution for bands and artists. It helps you reach new fans with real time messages. They send out artist/band endorsed and approved marketing messages for like bands. It's a promotion exchange for bands and artists. 

The Indie Band Vault

Location: Delray Beach, FL 33482
The Indie Band Vault is a free music website featuring a select number of Independent unsigned alternative/rock bands. Bands/Artist may submit their site for consideration. Excellent exposure as the site usually comes up as top listing on Google under search term "Indie Bands" and has been around for about 7 yrs. Its usually updated with a new band/artist added once a month.

Artist Direct

Artist Direct gives independent musicians web hosting and e-commerce programs. Can get a basic band page, upload 4 songs, 10 photos, band bio, news and blog for free. They offer additional plans for more songs, photos, etc. that starts at 9.95 a month.


"2.2 Million people in 3 days viewed Weezer's "Pork & Beans" video on YouTube. Posting your videos on YouTube is a great way to get your music out. "

"5 days before your playing a particular city email blast your fans in that city to let them know your are in town and to come see you. "

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