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Ever been in a retail store and wonder how the band playing through the speakers got on there. Artists can license their music to retail stores and consumer product companies for marketing campaigns.

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License Music to Retail Stores

DMI Music

Location: Pasadena, CA 91105
DMI Music provides customized audio and video programming for retail stores, in-flight, in-theater, on hold, and more.  


Muszak started the licensing of music in retail stores way back when. Today, they remain as one of the largest companies to aquire and distribute music to retail stores, restaurants and other marketplaces.


Location: Redmond, WA 98052
PlayNetwork helps businesses and retailers bring unique audio soundtracks that appeal to their employees and customers.  


Location: San Rafael, CA 94903
Magnatune is small licensing operation that offers stores and other retailers with a variety of music to play in their space.


Help artists and labels license their music to play in retail, restaurant & hospitality industries.  

Pro-Motion Technology Group

Provides music services to retailers, hotels, school and universities, hospitals and other marketplaces. 

Mood Media

Mood Media, assists retailers and retail brands bridge the gap between the in-store and online retail experience to make the customer experience more relevant to today’s consumers. 

InStore Audio Network

InStore Audio distributes integrated audio and video advertising to the retail environment. IBN programming connects with the shopper to inform, entertain, and deliver relevant messaging at the point of sale.

Applied Media Technologies

Applied Media Technologies works with the likes of Sirius XM and EOS to provide retailers with endless amounts of music across all genres.


Spotify has become an increasingly more popular tool for store owners and resturants to easily pick their own playlists for patrons to listen to. Other paid streaming services and internet radio sites are also becoming more commonplace for small scale commercial retail spaces. 


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