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Licensing your music is one of the fastest growing opportunities for artists to make money and get discovered. Through TV, Movies, Commercials, and Video Games music supervisors are looking for new music to connect with their customers. We give you companies that have shown a track record for helping artists license their music.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

TV/Movies/Commercials/Video Games


Taxi helps unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals, and placement in films and TV Shows List more than 180 independent record label links with brief write up on each label.

Music Gorilla

Location: Austin, TX 78758
Music Gorilla has signed commitments from Major label A&R, Indie labels, Film studios and Publishers that are here to find you and your music. They list 31 of these commitments. Listed summer 2007 26 success stories where they helped get musicians on a film, video game, MTV catalog or distribution deal. It costs about $300 to be on one year and you can upload 3 songs. Costs more to upload more songs. If no one listens to you, you get the money back. Claim to have tracking system on who listens to you and follow up system. As an Artist Member, you receive a personal page, band page, as well as a song page for each uploaded song. They mention your songs can be heard by fans, you can sell merchandise, and list where you are playing. They also have no submission fees for film, TV and songwriting submissions.  


Location: Boston, MA 02118
Sonicbids connects bands with people who book gigs. They have over 150,000 registered bands/artists and over 14,000 music buyers.  The costs start at $49.95 a year and go up if get more services. Have policy if they can’t book you a gig in 6 months you get back your money.

Crucial Music

Location: Studio City, CA 91604
Crucial Music links independent artists and musicians to those in the industry who want their songs. They specialize in licensing music to TV, Films, Commercials and Video Games. It is free to sign up and if they place your music then their is revenue sharing programs.   


Artists, Writers, Producers, Publishers, Labels, or any other music owners, YouLicense is non-exclusive, simple and free to join. YouLicense is an online music licensing marketplace for Film & Television, Advertising Campaigns, Music on Hold, Mobile Phone Content, Web Content, Audio Projects, or a small business in need of musical content. They have developed a platform which enables artists and those seeking musical content to conduct business directly with one another in a safe and secure environment.     

Music Dealers

Location: Chicago, IL 60661
Music Dealers is a full service music licensing company that connects quality artists from around the world with leading brands, networks, ad agencies, film production houses and gaming companies. Bands can upload their music for free and you split 50/50 with Music Dealers any licensing fees or revenue. Bands retain 100% of their music and is a non-exclusive website. There is no term to the contract you can take your music off at any time. They have a really good FAQ section on their site that bands can read to learn more.  


Location: Berkeley, 94704
Magnatune facilitates connecting you with licensees of your music. You can submit your music for free. 

Pump Audio

Their purpose is to sell independent music to makers of TV Shows, commercials and movies. With a growing catalog of tens of thousands of songs, all by independent artists from around the world, customers access music through Pump's innovative search software and delivery services, the Soundtrack Service online, and the PumpBox, which is currently on the desktops of thousands of creative professionals worldwide.

The Film and TV Music Guide

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90046-3400
The Music Business Registry publishes the Film & Television Music Guide that lists all of the contact information for those involved in the licensing and placement of music into film, television and video games. Published since 1992, they also publish other Music Industry contact directories for record labels, music publishers and music attorneys. The guide is $100. 


Location: Brooklyn, NY 11201
Agoraphone does music supervision, licensing and original music production for commercials, television and film. They take music submission by mail. See site for details. They work with high profile clients and brands. For complete roster visit the site. 

Associated Production Music

Location: New York, NY 10016
Associated Production Music claim to be the leader in licensing music to TV, Film and Video Games.

Music Clout

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Music Clout offers artists across genres and around the world with the oppurtunity to submit their music to a variety of music industry related oppurtunities. 


Location: New York, NY
SPONY gives songwriters an opportunity to get heard by someone who is in a position to do something with it, by meeting other members of the New York songwriting community, as well as our guest industry panel, Spony provides the opportunity to hear what you're are doing and increase your networking base.

Bank Robber Music

Location: Hoboken, NJ 07030
They represent artists and labels for film, TV and commercials. They do not want unsolicited demo cd's but you can email them your myspace link and if they like what they hear they will be in contact. 

Chop Shop Music Supervision

Chop Shop Music Supervision focuses on music placement to TV  music supervisors. Their successes include placing new music and breaking bands on Grey's Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Made Men and more. They do accept band submissions.  

Great book..Musician's Guide to Licensing your Music

The Musician's Guide to Licensing Music: How to get your music into Film, TV, Advertising, Digital Media & Beyond is due out Feb 16th, 2010. You can pre-order this title.  


Location: IL
 At HowToLicenseYourMusic, you will get insights as to where to send your songs today for potential placement, what kind of music has the best chance of being licensed and used,  how to turn your music into income via music licensing, and different types of deals you'll encounter in the music industry.

Music Fusion Supervision

They are a full service licensing firm that specializes in working with the mediums of Film, Television, Documentaries, Video Games, Commercials and the Internet. They take music submissions.  

Music Licensing Guide

Offers for $25 to give you a video and 50 page PDF on how to successfully sell/license your music for movies and TV.

Music Licensing Store

Location: Portland, OR 97214
Artists or labels can join Rumblefish to make your music available for film, TV, video games, advertising and marketing campaigns, podcasts, video blogs, background usage, and more. The Music Licensing Store allows clients to find and license their music. It's free to sign up and if they place your music then there are revenue sharing programs. 

Ocean Park Music Group

Location: Santa Monica, CA 90401
They claim to be the number one licensor of independent music, with exclusive relationships of dozens of records labels, for film, TV, commercials, and all other types of synch licensing. Their music spans all genres including indie rock, pop, hip-hop, soul, jazz, country, blues, metal, bluegrass, punk, and more.   

Secret Road

An Independent Artist management and services company located in Los Angeles that specializes in licensing independent music to TV and Commercials.

Song Catalog

Location: Hollywood,, CA 90028
Song Catalog offers artists a way to license their music to music supervisors for film and tv and ad agencies for music in commercials. You upload your music and then agencies and supervisors can listen to your music for consideration in their project. Their annual fee starts at $199 to upload 10 songs and annual renewal rate is $99.  

Ten Music

Ten Music helps consumer brands connect by letting brands be heard; be it through a commissioned piece of music, a licensed track from a band, or a full turnkey music program. They will take you music submissions.  

The Agency Group

Location: New York, NY 10019
The Agency Groups Film and TV Soundtrack Division represents the musical interests of The Agency Group Composers, Bands, Artists and Music Supervisors to the world of Feature Films, Television, Advertising and Videogames. The core of this department lies in the exclusive representation of Composers, Music Editors and Music Supervisors for engagement within these mediums. For TAG Bands and Artists, they generate and facilitate licensing opportunities for song placement as well as on-camera appearances. Under FAQs on their site they show you how to submit your band’s music.  


"Sports networks license music to play as background music to highlights and stories and pay $2,000 to $10,000 per licensed song. Often the Sports Networks Producers pick the music but the Music Supervisor gets involved as well. "

"USA Today reported that since Yael Naim's song was used in an Apple ad for MacBook Air 800,000 downloads on itunes happened in 4 months. Are you licensing your music?"

"USA Today reported in an article that the price range for licensing music on major ad campaigns ranges from $50,000 up to $3 Million depending on the song. Are you licensing your music?"

"There are major changes going on in the music industry. A great way to make money with your music and get exposure is placement in films, television shows and video games."

"Up and coming bands can license a song in the $2,500 range for TV, movies and commercials. Established bands can make $30,000 for TV shows, $100,000 for movies, and $250,000 for commercials. "

"The licensing fee will to go two groups of people: (1) Copyright holder (2) recording side/label"

"When negotiating a licensing agreement, find out out from the agency the fee range so you have a comfort zone. "

"Music is part of an ads production budget"

"Ad agencies are usually picking the music for commercials. They have a term sheet they send out that includes where the music will be played, the terms of the deal, etc and they send it to multiple companies to submit music."

"Do research on how a song was picked, understand the process, who made the decision, etc. This will give you good experience for when you try to license your music. "

"Know your brand when sending a commercial buyer your music. If melancholy don't send to upbeat commercial"

"The 2 most popular licensed types of music are happy songs about sunshine, love, etc and cool and unique cover songs. If you have either you should try to license them. "

"95% of the commercials are first shot and have a rough cut that has a music placeholder and then they go out and try to find the best music for it. "

"Always have a lawyer look over licensing deals. "

"Always send your music as a link and not an attachment as spam will block. Make sure your link does not expire. "

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