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Your fans want to see your videos and it is a great way to find new fans as well. We give you the top resources to use to gain exposure for your band.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Internet Video


Launched in Dec. 2009 Vevo is the web's number one music video service with over 60M unique visitors a month. They have partnerships with YouTube and major and independent record labels to stream music videos. Indie artists can not submit a video to be played they have to be affiliated with one of Vevo's partners. They have a ad revenue share model where artists/labels get a % of the advertising. It is free for people to watch videos. 

MySpace Music

MySpace allows bands to put videos on their home page which gives them great marketing exposure to fans via videos either performance or interviews. If you don't have a video on your MySpace page get one. 

How to Generate a Viral Music Video in 5 Steps

Wired Magazine wrote a great piece on How to Generate a Viral Music Video in 5 Steps that all musicians should read. The down and dirty is 1. Have a strong creative idea 2. Make is as accessible as possible 3. Get influencer endorsement 4. Don't assume a viral hit means download or cd sales 5. Offer your track as an accompaniment to someone else's viral video. 

Current TV

Location: San Francisco, CA 94107
Current.com is the place to share your music videos with music fans. It connects to Current TV, a global cable and satellite TV network.

HIP Video Promo

Location: South River, NJ 08882
HIP Video Promo is a full service video promotion company. They work with major labels, small labels, and independent musicians. Once you have a video they will for a fee submit your video and try to get you airplay with national video outlets (MTV, Fuel TV, etc), regional TV outlets (Video Hits, JBTV, etc) and internet video outlets (Singing Fool, MTV.com, Yahoo Music, etc). They also can help you convert your video to quicktime format so they can submit your video to sites such as MySpace and YouTube.  


Location: New York, NY
With a variety of features, Muzu allows viewers to watch HD music videos across all genres. Muzu also offers a 'Jukebox' feature that works simiarly to internet radio where it matches other music videos similair to your interests. 


Vimeo is an internet video platform that boasts high quality audio and video for uploaders and viewers both to enjoy. They also run very exclusive staff picks and other promotions to help artists spread the word about their new music video.


"You Tube pays $1 per 1000 views to labels/artists/publishers, while Vevo pays $5 to $10 per 1000 views. "


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