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The growing popularity of music festivals is a great way to get your band exposed to lots of new fans. We list the major festivals outside of the US and Canada (North America) that you should look to submit your band to play.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

International Music Festivals

Øya Festival

Oya Festival takes place every August in Oslo, Norway and features over 200 bands in 30 clubs and 4 outdoor stages across 5 days.  

Crossing Border Festival

Crossing Border takes place for 3 days every November in Netherlands

Hole in the Sky

Hole in the Sky music festival takes place in Bergen Norway late August for 4 days and features Metal Music from over 25 bands. They take submissions but ask for only links to MySpace or Website and not to call, send mail or large files. 

Iceland Airwaves

Location: Reykjavík,
Iceland Airwaves music festival takes place every October in Iceland featuring over 80 bands

Melt Festival

Melt Festival takes place every July in Germany and features over 120 acts in 3 days.  

Roskilde Festival

Roskilde Festival takes place every July in Denmark featuring 175 bands and 75,000 attendees.  They take band submissions and need it by Dec. 31st. 

Slottsfjell Festival

Slotsfjell Festival takes place every July in Norway featuring over 60 bands. They accept band submissions either via mail or they list the booking agents email.  

Butka Festival

Butka Festival takes place every July in Norway featuring over 25 bands on two stages. 


ParkPop takes place every June in The Hauge, Netherlands and is one of the largest free music festivals in Europe with over 200,000 attendees in 1 day. 

Woodford Folk Festival

Location: Woodford, 4514
The Woodford Folk Festival takes place every December in Queensland, Australia for 6 nights and has over 2000 performers with concerts, dances, workshops, forums, street theatre, writers panel, film festival, comedy sessions, acoustic jams and more.  

All Tomorrow's Parties

All Tomorrow's Parties is a festival that takes place in, Keflavík, Iceland. Bringing artists across all genres, ATP is a small, but increasingly popular festival.

Amsterdam Open Air

Location: Amsterdam,
Amsterdam Open Air is an electronic, hip-hop, and trance festival that brings in mostly artists from Europe, but the US, Canada and elsewhere.

Balaton Sound

Featuring a variety of acts, Balaton Sound is a mutli-day festival in Zamardi, Hungary. It has been dubbed as being the best 'beach party in Europe.'

Berlin Festival

The Berlin Festival is a two indie rock and electronic festival that takes place on the grounds of Tempelhof Airport.

Electric Picnic

Located an hour outside of Dublin, Electric Picnic draws artists across all genres from Europe, UK, US and beyond to the three day festival.

Hove Festival

Priding itself on being artsy, outdoorsy and unique from a lot of other big festivals, Hove is a Norwegian festival that brings in some of the biggest names in rock, hip-hop, and electronic music as well as a great variety of smaller acts.

Positivus Festival

Positivus is a Latvian indie, folk and pop festival that takes place during mid-late July. Acts of all sizes from across the globe are brought in for the festival.

Meredith Music Festival

Taking place out in the Australian bushlands, Meredith Music Festival is just as much an avant garde arts and culture festival as it is a musical festival for rock and indie artists. 

The Falls

The Falls is an Australian music festival that caters to a variety of genres with over 100 acts. It typically takes place during the last week of December and into January.


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