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Getting radio airplay for your band's music is a key way to get new fans. Finding radio stations that play your genre and will let you submit your music to get on is another thing. We have researched the major and secondary radio station markets from Music Commercial Radio, College Radio to Community Radio Stations to get your music on. To find one in a specific city click on the MusicNomad Local tab above and type in the zip code of the city your are looking to get radio airplay. Also this is a great way to promote a show by getting a local radio performance the day of the show to bring listeners out. Wisely utilize your time the day of the show to book at radio show in your touring cities. 

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Local and National Radio

Radio Locator

Location: Somerville, MA 02145-1014
Radio Locater gives a very easy navigation and search system for both local radio stations and internet radio stations by zip code or genre. They have links to over 10,000 radio stations.

Loggins Promotion

Loggins Promotion services they offer include on helping you get on air interviews, national airplay tracking, major/indie film and tv promotion and more.

Airplay Direct

Airplay Direct delivers broadcast quality music and electronic press kits to music industry professionals and radio stations. They have two free digital content delivery services: digital music delivery to radio and digital promo kits.  

On the Radio.net

On The Radio.net lists thousands of radio stations and their websites. Just type in zip code or city and genre.  

NPR (National Public Radio)

Location: Washington, DC, DC 20001
NPR’s Second Page and All Songs Considered program is listened by hundreds of thousands of people each month. They do accept artist’s submissions and this link goes to the page that shows you how to submit your music for consideration.  

100.7 WMMS (Commercial)

Location: Independence, OH 44131
WMMS is a large rock station in America's capital city of Rock playing the best of older and new hits. WMMS consistantly brings in artists into the studio for interviews and performances. All submissions should be mailed to their office as a clean CD, only send the single you'd wish to have them play. 

101 One WJRR (Commercial)

Location: Maitland, FL 32751
101 One WJRR one of Florida's premier rock stations, playing, showcasing and reviewing the best music in the rock and alternative worlds. 

101.9 KINK (Commercial)

Location: Portland, OR 97204
Serving Portland for their alternative needs, The KINK is very active in the Portland music scene, bringing in artist, hosting festivals and promoting local music at Portland area venues. 

102.9 The Buzz- Nashville (Commercial)

Location: Nashville, TN
102.9 The Buzz is one of Nashville's top rock stations, broadcasting the best of the rock community from the past and present. The station host artist interviews, in-studio performances and other talent showcases. 

107.1 The Peak (Commercial)

Location: White Plains, NY 10603
The Peak is an alternative station located just outside of NYC that has many connections across the New York music scene. Playing mostly alternative and indie music, The Peak promotes shows. helps host festivals and brings artists in for interviews and performances. 

107.7 The End (Commercial)

Location: Seattle, WA 98101
The End is an alternative station in Seattle that has set out to find the best alternative and indie talent. The End is a large station that has a lot of connections to the Seattle music scene and often brings artists into the studio. All submissions should be sent to their office directed to the Music Director. 

92.5 The River (Commercial)

Location: Haverhill, MA 01830
Independently owned and operated, The River is a popular alternative and adult alternative station in the greater Boston area that regularly brings in talent for interviews and live in-studio perfromances. 

93.3 KGSR Radio Austin (Commercial)

Location: Austin, TX 78753
KGSR is an adult easy-listening/indie station in Austin that discovers new talent in the music community and brings in artists to their in studio music lounge. KGSR also frequently sponsors musical events and small festivals Austin.

93X Rocks! (Commercial)

Location: Minneapolis, MN 554141
93X is the premier rock station for the Minneapolis, playing the loudest and newest tunes, while following the bad-ass roots of rock with a handful of popular shows. 93X helps to put on and promote shows and festivals in the Twin Cities.

93XRT (Commercial)

Location: Chicago, IL 60601
WXRT is a very prominent alternative station in Chicago, with tons of access to concerts, venues, and festivals. Beyond that, they promote shows in the Chicago area as well as host interviews and artists sessions in their studio. All submissions should be mailed in CD format to the stations office addressed to the music director. 

94.7 Alternative Portland (Commercial)

Location: Portland, OR 97239
94/7 is one of the many influential alternative stations in Portland. Promoting shows, local and the best up and coming talents, 94/7 has established themsleves as one of the more prominent stations in the Portland music scene. 

Area93 (Commercial)

Location: Denver, CO 80237
Area 93 is Denver's modern rock station playing the best of new rock music and exposing new talent on the airwaves and by helping promote them when in the Denver area. Area 93 makes big steps in showcasing local talent from Colorado. 

Berklee Internet Radio Network (College)

Location: Boston, MA 02215
Berklee Internet Radio Network is Berklee College of Music's premier radio station. All of their broadcasts are controlled by those within the university who are studying music and wish to promote student as well as other talent. All submissions should be mailed in CD form to BIRN's office in Boston. 

Blue River Promotions

Blue River Promotions specializes in providing radio promotion services to Independent artists in a variety of formats including: Americana, Folk, AAA, Jazz, and Roots Rock. Stations they promote to include: College, Non-Comm, Community, Commercial, Internet, Cable-driven and Satellite radio.

Charlie FM (Commercial)

Location: Portland, OR
Charlie FM will play anything from throwback hits from the 60s,70s, and 80s as well as some of the best new talent. Charlie FM has a stronger focus on adult easy listening, but still helps in promoting talent that is coming or comes from the Portland area. 

Cities 97 (Commercial)

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Cities 97 is an adult-easy listening station that provides Minneapolis and St. Paul with some of the newest and most classic hits of the genre. Cities also has a very strong connection to the cities' musical scenes, promoting local events and talent.

Classical 89.7 KCNV (Community)

Location: Las Vegas, NV 89146
Based in Las Vegas, KNPR runs a station that is soley devoted to playing classical and jazz styles of music. The station doesn't limit itself to the genres, but on the whole they expose the best of the modern artists that constitute the styles. 

IdeaStream 90.3 WCRN (Community)

Location: Cleveland, OH 44115
IdeaStream of Northeastern Ohio is the NPR station of Cleveland broadcating national shows as well as localized programs focussed on the Cleveland community. Musically, IdeaStream does a lot in promoting events and festivals in the city. 

Indie 103.1 (Commercial)

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90036
Indie 103.1 is Los Angeles' premier indie radio station, specializing in enhancing the sounds of the indie community by playing new songs on the air and hosting shows in LA. 103.1 accepts submissions via email, they hold artists interviews and will play submitted music that they see fit for their station. 

Indie Bible

Indie Bible is a 342 page music directory that is published once a year. It has helped independent artists gain more exposure to their music. It lists thousands of services dedicated to helping you sell your music on line, get your music heard on the radio and much more.  

KALX 90.7 (College)

Location: Berkeley, CA 94720
KALX is a withstanding college radio station run by UC-Berkeley students that always maintain a lively lineup of varying genres of music.KALX plays music anywhere from larger act to small local Berkeley talent that is trying to get noticed. All submissions should be sent in CD format to the station. 

KBCO Alternative (Commercial)

Location: Denver, CO
KCBO is an innovator in alternative rock radio. Denver and Boulder create the perfect place for indie and alternative musicians to make a name for themselves. KCBO hosts interviews, in-studio sessions, and other music shows in the area. All submissions can be made through their website. 

KBPI- 106.7 Rock (Commerical)

Location: Denver, CO 80237
With thier slogan, 'Rock the Rockies' KBPI is one of Denver's hard rock stations sticking to the roots of rock and metal with their shows and broadcasts. KBPI is an active supporter of events and shows that come to Denver, promoting artists when they are on their way through the Mile High City. 

KEXP 90.3 (Community)

Location: Seattle, WA 98109
KEXP has established themselves as one of the hotbed indie music radio stations. Their 40 DJs have an ability to find some of the best up and coming talent from across the country, brininging them into the studio for interviews and performances. KEXP also plays an intergral part in supporting shows in Seattle as well as local musicans that bud from the Northwest. All submissions should be sent to their office as a hardcopy. 

KGNU Independent (Community)

Location: Boulder, 80301
KGNU is an independently operated community station with locations in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. KGNU, like most public stations has an array of talk shows, but also a very strong music department, promoting either local or small independent talent. KGNU helps in promoting shows, events and festivals that take place in Denver, Boulder, and other parts of the Rockies. 

KISS Rocks (Commercial)

Location: San Antonio, TX 78229
KISS Rocks is San Antonio's go-to rock station, discovering and playing the best new rock music. KISS does a great job at promoting rock shows that come through San Antonio and to expose local Texan artists. All submissions should be mailed in hardcopy to their office. 

KLRZ 100.3 (Commercial)

Location: Larose, LA 70373
KLRZ is Lousiana's musical hotbed. The station prodes themsleves on playing local talent from the state all the time, exposing the best cajun-blues musicians from the area. 

KMet Radio (College)

Location: Denver, CO
KMet is the student run radio of Metropolitan State University playing a variety of genres. KMet keeps an active blog on their site in compliment to their station.

KOMP 92.3- The Rock Station (Commercial)

Location: Las Vegas, NV 89147
KOMP 92.3 is the station in Las Vegas for rock. With a variety of shows and hosts, KOMP does agreat job in promoting new artists and rock events in Vegas. 

KPFA 94.1 (Community)

Location: Berkeley, CA
KPFA is a listener supported radio station in Berkeley that has a varying range music shows scheduled. They love to showcase local talent as well as up and coming bands that want their music to be heard. Submissions can be made via email or snail-mail. 

KPFK 90.7 (Community)

Location: N. Hollywood, CA 91064
Independent and progressive, KPFK is a public radio station serving Los Angeles, playing local and other up and coming bands as well as broadcasting traditional public radio shows. KPFK boasts a full calender of events ranging from music shows to political rallies, their prominence in the Los Angeles area allows artists to find a jumping off point to get their music and name heard. 

KPSU (College)

Location: Portland, OR 97207
KPSU is Portland State's student run station playing independent musicians and promoting free speech for many years.

KQED Public Radio (Community)

Location: San Francisco, CA
KQED is San Francisco's chapter of NPR. Like all public radio station, there is a focus on community balance and news, but KQED has a large arts department ontop of the traditional public radio format. Both on air and on their site, they run artist profiles, showcases new talent for listeners and site viewers to see and hear. 

KRCB 91 (Community)

Location: Rohnert Park, CA 94928
KRCB is located out of San Francisco in the Sonoma Valley where radio DJs on the station have weekly shows that include bringing the best of up and coming local talent as well as promoting other bands that arent from the Bay area. Bill Frater of KRCB, also maintains an active blog of album reviews and insight regarding the new talent on their website. 

KROQ (Commercial)

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90034
KROQ is a very prominent rock station in Los Angeles that promotes local talent and also brings in bands for interviews and in studio performances in the Red Bull Sound Space. 

KSIX Seattle (Commercial)

Location: Seattle, WA 98101
KSIX is Seattle's go to rock station playing the best of classic and modern rock hits. KSIX hosts a show called 'Loud and Local' where they present Seattle with the best local rock talent, but KSIX also promotes new rock talent from across the globe in their many other shows. 

KSPC 88.7 (College)

Location: Claremont, CA 91711
KSPC is an indie/alternative student run station by those who attend Pomona and Claremont Colleges. With their frequency spanning the LA basin, KSPC presents radio in its truest form by playing music and having meaningful on air discussions. All inquires for KSPC should be made on the 'Contact Us' feature of their site. 

KTSW89.9 The Other Side (College)

Location: San Marco, TX 78666
Run by the students of Texas State University, KTSW is an indie-style station playing the music that doesn't typically get heard on mainstream stations. Playing multiple genres, KTSW hosts an annual spring music festival on State's campus and throughout the year promotes shows and events at the school as well as in the San Antonio area. 

KUNV The Source (College)

Location: Las Vegas, NV 89154
Run by the students of the University of Las Vegas, KUNV is a mostly jazz station, making room for other genres including indie and alternative as well as others. 

KUT Austin (Community)

Location: Austin, TX
As a part of the University of Texas at Austin, KUT serves Austin as a public radio medium providing the city with an honest news beat as well as having a great ear for musical talent. KUT accepts submissions in CD or .wav electronic form. KUT runs artists features on their site as well as on the station. 

KVRX 91.7 (College)

Location: Austin, TX
KVRX is the student run station at UT-Austin that prides themselves on playing "none of the hits, all of the time." Their mindset is to play the unheard talent of the indie music community by promoting them through their station or by reviewing albums on their site. KVRX holds shows called Local Live where they showcase talent from the University and Austin area. 

KXLU (College)

Location: Los Angeles, CA 90045
KXLU Radio is a commercial free college radio station in LA that sponsors live performance for up and coming bands as well as playing their music on the waves and bringing them in for interviews. General submissions should be sent in CD form to KXLU to the Music Director, unless otherwise specified. 

KZSU Stanford 90.1 (College)

Location: Stanford, CA 94309
Stanford's KZSU is one of the most progressive college stations in the country. All of the members that work for ZSU are eager to find the best and newest indie talent to broadcast to their school, the Bay Area and people across the globe via their internet stream. All submissions to ZSU should be done via mail in CD or vinyl format, no electronic submissions. 

Magic 101.9 (Commercial)`

Location: New Orleans, LA 70113
Magic 101.9 has developed itself as the station for soft rock and adult contemporary music in the New Orleans area. With many different shows, 101.9 exposes new artists in the genre and help to promote events in New Orleans. 

Nashville Public Radio (Community)

Location: Nashville, TN
Nashville Public Radio is Tennessee's flagship public broadcaster. With stations to tune into, the programs vary from traditional public radio discussions to classical music showcases. Nashville Public Radio also does take time to focus on local talent from the Tennessee area in genres including, bluegrass, country and other types of folk. 

OPB Music (Community)

Location: Portland, OR 97219
OPB is Oregon's chapter of NPR, but OPB has a very distinct music section to their station. OPB Music helps in promoting and sponsoring Pickathon as well as many other musical events in the state and Portland. OPB also promote up and coming and local talent. 

Project 9-6-1 (Commercial)

Location: Atlanta, GA 30309
Serving Atlanta's rock needs, Project 9-6-1 sticks to playing tradtional rock as well as incorperating some of today's biggest acts. 96.1 maintains an active relationship with venues and music promoter in Atlanta, helping in spreading the word regarding shows and events in the city.  

Q101 Chicago's Alternative (Commercial)

Location: Naperville, IL
Q101 has developed itself into one of the most influential alternative stations in the country with their variety of hosts and ability to bring in excellent talent. Q101 also broadcasts, 'Local 101' on their site, promoting the best talent from the Windy City. 

Q101.9 San Antonio (Commercial)

Location: San Antonio, TX 78201
Owned by Clear Channel, Q101.9 acts as San Antonio's easy listenting/adult contemporary station. Q101.9 plays a variety of new hits and promotes events of all kinds in the SA area. 

Radio 101.5 KROX (Commercial)

Location: Austin, TX 78753
101.5 KROX is Independent. Local. Alternative. Serving Austin as a station that plays alternative and indie rock, they also promote local talent by holding shows. KROX also conducts interviews and sessions with traveling and local bands. 

Radio 1190 (College)

Location: Boulder, CO 80309
Radio 1190 is the student run station of The University of Colorado, playing all indie music and other unheard genres, Boulder's station plays the music that most other commercial stations don't play. Radio 1190 keeps an active blog on their site as well as promoting bands in the Boulder area.  

Radio 92.9 WBOS (Commercial)

Location: Boston, MA
Radio 92.9 Boston plays the best of current alternative as well as mixing in older hits. WBOS frequently holds artist interviews as well as studio sessions and sponsors musical events in the Boston area. 

Radio Direct X

Location: Toronto,
Radio Direct X delivers music digitally to over 5000 traditional radio stations, internet and satellite stations. They charge $50 set up fee and $15 for each song you download. Stations then have access to your songs and can play them on their stations.  

Radio K (College)

Location: Minneapolis, MN 55455
Radio K is the award winning student station at the University of Minnesota, playing, bringing in, and showcsing the best indie, folk, and alternative talents. Radio K has developed themselves as one of the most prominent station in the Twin Cities, broadcasting on 4 stations. 

Radio Submit

Location: Wimberley, TX 78676
Radio Submit helps you digitally submit your music to radio stations. Over 12,000 radio and internet stations use this service to find bands. You upload your music and bio where radio stations can download your music to play on their station. They charge bands $89.95 a year for their basic service.   

Texas Public Radio (Community)

Location: San Antonio, TX 78229
Texas Public Radio, based out of San Antonio has been serving the Lone Star State for many years with classic shows like Car Talk and other national broadcasts, but TPR has a unique musical side. TPR Music heavily focusses on modern orchestras, but there are also Latin, Alternative, Folk and World Music programs, promoting new talents artists. 

WAMU 88.5 (College/Community)

Location: Washington, DC 20016
WAMU is the student run station of American University, broadcasting both local and national shows, WAMU has three shows that promote new singer-songwriter talent. 

WBAI Radio-NYC (Community)

Location: New York, NY 10005
Coined as 'Free Speech Radio' New York's WBAI Radio has been serving the NYC community for years in newscasts, discussions, and the arts. WBAI has great respect for music and those who play, the station frequently promotes new artists and musical movements. 

WBTU Radio (College)

Location: Boston, MA
Boston University is one of the city's many schools with a musical history. WBTU Radio has a proud history of broadcasting bands and other talent on their nearly 20 hours of daily broadcasting. 

WCSB Cleveland (College/Commercial)

Location: Cleveland, OH 44115
WCSB is Cleveland State University's alternative outlet, playing the newest music while keeping a very funky side of their station, maintaining a great variety of genres. 

WDOK 102 (Commercial)

Location: Cleveland, OH 44114
WDOK is Cleveland's new 102, a station devoted to playing easy listening music, dialed in to the more mainstream crowd of soft rock/pop. WDOK does a good job in promoting shows and events in the Cleveland area.

WERS 88.9 (College)

Location: Boston, MA 02116
As part of one of Boston's most prominent music, media and entertainment schools, Emerson's radio station is a hotbed for local and young musicians to get their music heard. WERS only accepts submissions in hard form, only CDs or vinyl are accepted for consideration. 

WFUV Radio (Community/College)

Location: Bronx, NY 10458-9993
Operated by the students of Fordham University, WFUV is an independently run station that emphasizes the sounds of traditional rootsy sounding bands. Their strong music department allows for new talent to breakthrough as a result of their efforts to showcase unheard groups. 

WHPK 88.5 (College)

Location: Chicago, IL 60637
Run and supported by those of The University of Chicago, WHPK focusses on playing the music that is not typically heard in the mainstream. There is no limit to the genres that the DJs play. WHPK host live in studio performances and helps to promote up and coming talent. 

WHYY Philadelphia (Community)

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19106
WHYY is Philadelphia's NPR station, broadcating national shows with small localized musical shows exposing the best new talent. 

WJCU 88.7 (College)

Location: University Heights, OH 44118
The music of John Carroll University is an eclectic mix of genres, playing artists of all walks of life. The student run station loves receiving new music from bands to play on their station, all submissions can be sent to their office in hardcopy. 

WKCR 89.9 (College)

Location: New York, NY 10027
Columbia's student run station has a variety of on air-programs ranging from news to latin jazz, but their real draw is the 'New Music' department that for many years has allowed them to bring in and promote up and coming artists. 

WKDU Philadelphia (College)

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19104
Drexel University's indie music station, WKDU is a small student run operation that finds the best up and coming musical talent from the indie, hip-hop, alternative and other musical worlds. All submissions can be done through their Contact Us page of their site. 

WKSU Cleveland (Community/College)

Location: Kent, OH 44242
WKSU is a public station based in Kent, Ohio broadcasting on six frequencies across Ohio and Pennsylvania they station has a great focus on classical and folk music, promoting the greats of the genres as well as the new artists that define them in the modern era. 

WLUW 88.7 (College)

Location: Chicago, IL
WLUX is Loyola University's indie station. Run by eager students, they are always looking for new indie artists to play and showcase. All submissions should be mailed to their office as a hardcopy. 

WMCN 91.7 (College)

Location: St. Paul, MN 55105
Playing mostly indie music, WMCN of Macalaster University is a student run station that helps in exposing the less heard side of the industry. Inquiries regarding submissions can be done by contacting the station. 

WMUC Radio (College)

Location: College Park, MD 20742
WMUC is a student run station of the University of Maryland based in College Park, Maryland; just outside of DC playing the newest and best music of the indie and alternative worlds. WUMC has an in-studio recording setup that they often use to bring in artists for live sessions. WUMC helps to promote shows in the DC, Marylamd area. All submissions to the station should be sent to the studio as a CD or vinyl. 

WNUR 89.3 (College)

Location: Evaston, IL 60208
Run by Northwestern students, WNUR is a no frills stations that plays talented bands that most other stations would overlook. Their heavy 'hipster' influence allows them to talk about what they want and grants them to play the newest and best of indie music to the Chicago area. All submissions should be mailed to their office.  

WNYC (Community)

Location: New York, NY
With frequencies in both AM and FM, WNYC is one of the City's most influential stations. Musically, they run a few programs, New Sounds and Soundscapes. They shows are designated to developing new talent as well as touching back on some of the classics. 

WOBC (College)

Location: Oberlin, OH 44074
WOBC is a funky station run by the students of Oberlin, playing a variety of genres, typically following the influence of the independent movenment. All submissions can be either mailed to their office or emailed to the music director in the appropriate form. 

WPRK 91.5 (College)

Location: Winter Park, FL 32789
WRPK is Rollins University's basement radio station, playing the best of the unheard, up and coming talent. WRPK helps in sponsoring musical events on their Orlando campus.  

WREK Atlanta 91.1 (College)

Location: Atlanta, GA 30332
Operated by the students of Georgia Tech, WREK is a station that plays music of many genres,  but holding to the traditional roots of college radio by playing the less heard stuff. All submissions should be sent to the WREK office in hardcopy. They prefer CDs and LPs over tapes and vinyl. 

WRPB 103.3 (College)

Location: Princeton, NJ 08544
 WPRB is Princeton's independently operated student station, playing some of the most obscure classical, rock, folk and international music out there. Their goal is to show people about the talent that doesn't typically reside in the mainstream airwaves. All submissions should be mailed to the sudio's address in hard form. 

WRTI Temple (College)

Location: Philadelpjhia, PA 18121
WRTI is Temple University's classical and jazz station, playing some of Philly's and the country's best composers and jazz musicians. 

WRVU Vanderbilt (College)

Location: Nashville, TN 37325
WRVU is Vanderbilt University's student run station that focusses on the little guys. DJs on the station try to promote smaller talented bands to get their names heard. They also do artist interviews and promote shows in the Nashville area. 

WSIX (Commercial)

Location: Nashville, TN
WSIX is a large country station in Nasvhille. The station has a large listener base, they keep an active blog of country talent, and promote country performers that are in the Nashville area. 

WSRN Swathmore (College)

Location: Swathmore, PA
Run by Swathmore students, WSRN displays a wide range of musical genres , playing artists who consider themselves as independent from te rest of the music industry. WSRN has a studio, Studio B, at the station that is used for creatiuve collaboration for students and other musicians. 

WTUL New Orleans (College)

Location: New Orleans, LA 70118
WTUL is Tulane University's student and community run station playing the best of the underground worlds of music. Specializing in the lesser heard talent in all genres, WTUL exposes small bands and helps promote local and national talent in New Orleans.  

WUMB Radio (Community)

Location: Bostonn, MA 02125
WUMB is Boston's branch of National Public Radio, run by the University of Massachusetts at Boston they play new up and coming artists as well as bring in acts for studio sessions. 

WWNO 89.9 (Commercial/College)

Location: New Orlean, LA 70148
WWNO is The National Public Radio station of New Orleans, with a large musical portion. In partnership with the University of New Orleans, WWNO has an active blog on their site and a very progressive way of exposing up and coming talent on the air. 

WXPN 88.5 9 (Community)

Location: Philadelphia, PA 19104
WXPN is National Public Radio's outlet to the Philadelphia area, exposing new up and coming talent from some of the largest festivals in the the country. WXPN has a very large and successful music department that enjoys playing new unheard music. All submissions should be mailed as a CD to their Programming Office, mail two CDs. 

X107.5 Alternative (Commercial)

Location: Las Vegas, NV 89113
X107.5 is Las Vegas' most dominant alternative station, playing the newest alt and indie-rock as well as promoting talent as they come through Sin City. 

WUOG 90.5 (College)

Location: Athens, GA 30602
WUOG is the student run radio station of the University of Georgia, located in Athens. The station's DJs do not limit themselves to what is played on their frequency. Music of all genres and styles is exposed based on music discovery or artists sending in music to them. WOUG has a very strong focus on promoting local music from Georgia and maintains a music blog regarding nearby talent as well as outside. All submissions shouldbe mailed to the station as a hardcopy for further instructions, reference their instructions on the site. 

CD 101 Columbus (Commercial)

Location: Columbus, OH 43206
WWCD is a strictly alternative station located in Columbus, Ohio. CD 101 play the most-up-to date alt-rock and indie music that is emerging across the scene. The station helps to promote a handful of alternative shows and events that make their way through Columbus. 

WKCO Kenyon (College)

Location: Gambier, OH 43022
In Gambier, OH, the students of Kenyon College operate a small sized, but very active independent radio station. The studio offers artists and musicians full access to their recording studio to produce and edit music. For airplay submissions contact the station's music director. 

WSGE Gaston (College)

Location: Dallas, NC 28034
The students of Gaston College operate WSGE, a small scale station playing a variety of indie-country to world music, new jazz and alternative. The electic taste of the DJs and those who work at the station have allowed SGE to create a distinct flavor of radio. The station accepts music submissions and hosts arisst for in-studio interviews and performances. 

KLAQ El Paso's Best Rock (Commercial)

Location: El Paso, TX 79902
KLAQ Rock is a tradtional rock station located in El Paso, playing both old and new rock while promoting shows and artists that are coming to the El Paso area. KLAQ has a sizeable department devoted to exposing local talent from Texas and El Paso.

WEVL 89.9 (Community)

Location: Memphis, 38714
WEVL is a volunteer run, completely independently operated radio station in Memphis, playing a variety of genres while promoting smaller talent to the public. 

89.7 WTMD (College)

Location: Towson, MD 21252
Running with the slogan, 'Radio for Music People,' Towson University's student run station operates as an independent-style station playing indie music. The studio offers full interviews and in-house performancez for artists when they swing by the Baltimore area. To sumbit music for airplay, send two hardcopies of your music to the station along with info on the band/artist. 

103.3 The Zone (Commercial)

Location: Albuquerque, NM 87102
The Zone is an easy-listening, adult-contemporary station in the ABQ. For those in Albuquerque, The Zone acts as an outlet for concert promotions and for other music events that swing through the city. 

KUNM (Community/College)

Location: Albuquerque, NM 87131
Operated in partnership with the University of New Mexico, KUNM is a hybrid station, serving the Albuquerque community as both a public news outlet and a college radio station. 

91.9 WFPK Louisville (Community)

Location: Lousiville, KY 40202
WFPK is a unique station in Louisville, playing both indie music alongwith tradtional southern folk and new-country. WFPK is independently operated and often brings in artists for interviews and performances. 

WMSE 91.7 (College)

Location: Milwaukee, WI 53202
Wilwaukee's School of Engineering's station, WSME is an independent studio that has set out to play music to listeners in Milwaukee that won't otherwise be heard on mainstream stations. For music submission or an in-studio performance and interview, contact the station's music director. 

Rock 100.5 The KATT (Commercial)

Location: Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Rock 100.5 is a traditional rock station in Oklahoma City. Despite the station's large size and corporate persona, The KATT accpets music submissions from national and independent musicians. The KATT also helps in sponsoring and promoting shows in OKC. Submissions should be mailed to the Music Director at their studio office. 

96X Rock (Commercial)

Location: Norfolk, VA 23510
Located in Norfolk, 96X is a modern rock station that maintains a very active relationship with the music community in Virginia. The station helps to promote shows in the area as well as artists when they are in town, bringing them in for an interview and a live performance. 96X also maintains a blog style review section on their site as well as local music spotlight. 


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