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Getting to your next gig in the cheapest and quickest way is best so we try to give you some tools to use to make that happen.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Driving Maps/Planner

Rand Mcnally Dist-o-map

A handy travel distance finder, the Dist-O-Map provides 11,000 city-to-city mileages for the United States. Dial the city nearest your starting point, and the mileages to dozens of other cities appear in the circular windows. While on tour it will help you get to the next place more efficiently spending less on gas. Also helps map out how long it will take you to get to your next show and map out your tour.

Tool for estimating your tour gas costs

Location: Great Falls, VA 22066
Cost 2 Drive is a free service that estimates how much it costs to drive to and from places.  You just type in the place you are starting from and where you are ending and the type of vehicle. Great service to figure out an estimated gas budget for your up and coming road tour. 

Tour travel planner

AAA Travel Planner is clever tool gives you a route to take on your journey from town to town. This online service may save you some valuable time and gas money. It’s called Triptik planner. It also gives you hotels and restaurants along the trip.

Rand Mcnally Travel Planner

Rand Mcnally site helps map out your trip with directions. It’s free and allows you to put up to 10 places along the route and will give you a summary of the trip with distance and maps.

Tips to lower your tour gas costs

Location: Gaithersburg, MD
This government website allows you to find the cheapest gas station by state and city. As well they offer tips on how to drive more efficiently and save gas such as using cruise control when possible and other useful gas/money saving tips for your road tour. 


Let’s you efficiently get directions to your next gig. It includes traffic reports and also gives you hotels and restaurants to choose from.


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