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About Us

We are musician advocates fighting for the underdog, independent musicians! The organization and website were founded in 2008 and designed by musicians. Since our launch date, hundreds of thousands of musicians have visited our site to explore ways to help them. Our mission is to help musicians in everything we do. The website provides the independent musician with thousands of organized resources to help produce, sell and support your music. The idea that you don’t have to wait to get signed to control your destiny or give away control to record companies motivates us to be your destination of choice. It’s free for you to use. 

Our organization tries to make sense of the vast and fragmented music industry through researching, interviewing, reviewing and ranking thousands of companies in the music industry and filtering the ones that can really help musicians. We then do write ups on the companies, rank them and give you a direct link to their website.  There are also tips, news and articles for musicians to explore.  Many contributors spend countless hours to grow this site. 

In August 2012, we revamped our site and created some revolutionary tools. 

There are 4 major improvements to the website that now offers every musician a free powerful tool to help them. 

Improvement 1 (5 Categories to Explore) – The site is much easier to navigate instead of 30 plus categories to explore, we give you 5 starting points to dive into. For Example, your band wants to go on tour. Hit the Tour button and get hundreds of organized resources to help you.

Improvement 2 (My MusicNomad) – Sign up for free, find resources that can help you and save them to your favorites, add notes on the resources, set email alerts for further action and much more.  Also, the site instantly organizes your favorite resources and notes in 3 ways (By Major Category, Region or City).

Improvement 3 (MusicNomad Local) – Put in your local Zip Code and the miles you want to search and the entire site reshuffles and gives you the local resources in that zip code search. Add the local resources to your favorites, add notes and more.

Improvement 4  (My TourManager) – A major revolutionary breakthrough this MusicNomad Tool allows you to load in your tour dates and store, manage and share all important info like venue contact info, show time, hotel, etc.  Use the venue notes section to add things like what band merch you sold by size that night, where you are eating, etc.  Then for every tour stop hit the find local resources button to get localized resources from local media writers to local radio stations and more in that city. More categories are being added weekly. Then add notes/action items to resources, add them to your favorites, send emails, or set alerts to email you an action item in the future.  This tool also has features such as; giving you a driving map for your entire tour; use google maps for each location to find hotels restaurants; print or email your tour itinerary or kit to other band members, publicists, band managers, tour managers and more.  All this touring info, saved in one place, easily accessible 24/7 by any band team member that is authorized.

We store all your info, such as past tours, so next time you or your band members log in, all the info is there to add, help, and manage your next move. How great would it be to get have history in one place on your past tours to pull from?

The site grows everyday. We will be adding new information as we learn more about what you want. We hope you check in with Music Nomad every day to catch up with the latest news, info, tips and lists of growing organized resources.

Also make sure you check out our related organizations MusicNomad Care - A complete line of eco friendly, innovative, professional strength Guitar and Drum Cleaners, Polishes, Waxes and Towels. A portion of the proceeds goes to funding this site so please support these products which ends up supporting indie musicians. Another service MusicNomad's OpenStudio helps musicians locate local rehearsal studio space.

Fighting the Good Fight!!


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