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Music Nomad Article: When you are a Band, Renting a Van Can Be Easy by Airport Van Rentals & MusicNomad

 When You Are Band, Renting a Van Can Be Easy

by Airport Van Rental Solutions & MusicNomad

The most important thing for you bands when renting is finding a company that does band van rentals.  Renting a van can be a very simple process.  Most rental companies do not realize how important a van is to you.   We understand that there is so much that goes in to planning your tour.  Why worry about the hassle. Here are some things to keep in mind when renting.

RATES - First of all look for affordable rates, because saving money is a priority.  There are several important things to consider when renting a van though.  It is a little bit different than renting a car.  Make sure to compare a few van rental companies to ensure you are getting the most competitive price.  Do not be afraid to ask questions: Ask if the rate includes unlimited mileage, What states is my rental allowed in, Can I purchase unlimited mileage or additional miles, Are there drop off or delivery fees throughout the US. What the MPG is because a 25MPG vs. a 20MPG on a 2,000 mile trip is  a big difference in gas money.

VAN RELIABILITY- The second important thing next to rates when renting, is van reliability. We know that making it to your show on time and safely are important.  Things to consider are:  The year of the van (Age; late 2000 models are ideal), How many miles on the van, Tire tread etc.   Always consider renting late 2000 model vans, I am sure they will be a lot newer than the 1990’s van you are probably driving.  The newer the van is the less chance there is for mechanical issues. Is there a 24/7 hotline live person you can talk to if you breakdown at 2:00AM on the way to your next gig. What is the van replacement policy and what is their guarantee on how fast you can get a new van delivered to you if you break down.

VAN AVAILABILITY-   Many car rental companies rent vans, this is true.  However, often times their focus is on cars; which on occasion when you choose to rent from a Car Rental agency you may show up and they may not have your van.  They will try to substitute with other alternatives, but that sometimes does not work well with what your needs are.  It is best to go with a van rental company in general because you have much better selection of vans.  Also you don’t have to worry about the rental agency not having your van.  Another thing to remember is to be clear on what your needs are too.

ADVANCE RESERVATIONS- Once you have set your mind at ease with rates and van reliability another important detail to remember is to make your reservations in advance.  This is the best way no matter where you rent to ensure that you have a vehicle and this will usually help to keep the rental rates down.  Especially in van rental it is important to have an advance reservation because vans are more specific.  The peak season for Tour Van Rental is April to September so reserve ahead because if you call in the summer for a van in a week you probably won’t find one. In car rental, l if you need something last minute there is always a car.  Because usually people rent vans based on the needs of how many people they are transporting it’s important that we have the correct van for you.

OTHER CONSIDERATIONS- There are other things you should consider when renting a tour van. Do you have proper car insurance to be driving a van? Do you get commercial insurance for theft? What does the van company cover? Can you advertise on the outside of your van? Some van rental companies offer van wraps that create great marketing exposure while driving down the highway. 

Airport Van Rental Solutions (AVR) has 4 locations in California (LA, SF, San Jose, Ontario) and can deliver vans throughout California. They have a unique program for bands in wrapping your vans with signage to better promote your band, website, music, and upcoming shows while you are on the road. Studies support that a vehicle wrap can generate 5,000 to 10,000 views per day. That is at least 35,000 impressions per week of potential new fans to share your music with. Thus they offer a one stop shop to handle your transportation needs and help you promote/share your music with the world via the van wraps. http://www.airportvanrental.com/tour-van-rentals.html

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