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If the guitar, bass or drums aren't for you, than we've got a list of some great gear magazines that feature a variety of instruments. Everything from banjos to orchestral instruments are covered in our list of the best instrument magazines.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Other Instrument Magazines

Banjo Newsletter

Banjo newsletter is a magazine devoted to the 5-string banjo in all its musical styles, articles, reviews, history, collecting and repairing.

Flute Talk

The art of flute playing including interviews with classical and jazz flutists, performance guides on standard pieces in flute repertoire, and other flute related topics. 

Hi-Fi News

Hi-Fi News is the ultimate guide for serious audiophiles, is globally renowned as the international top-end audio magazine. It contains the best in high end equipment reviews and views, plus 24 pages of serious music reviews and discussion.

Making Music Magazine

Making Music is a lifestyle magazine for amateur musicians. With an emphasis on the wellness benefits of recreational music making, it is packed with features, health advice, product reviews, book resources, and tips.

Mandolin Magazine

Mandolin Magazine is a quarterly designed for mandolin players and enthusiasts of all levels, from novice to professionals. Each issue features interviews, CD and equipment reviews, and tips and exercises for improving technique and dexterity.

Mobile Beat: The DJ Magazine

Mobile Beat: The DJ Magazine, is dedicated to the specialized interests of working mobile entertainers. Addresses the needs of the profession in a tight and timely fashion by covering reviews of new equipment and music, tips on how to boost bookings and get more referrals from each performance, and current trends.


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