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Online Musicians Forums are a great way for you to network with other fellow musicians to get advice on issues you face. In addition just reading what other musicians are saying provides you with further insight into industry trends and information. MusicNomad ranks the best musicians forums out there.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Music Industry Blogs


Hypebot is a site dedicated to giving musicians a well rounded music update in DIY Articles, Daily Music Industry News, and music resource reviews. A good go to source for musicians wanting to get daily updates. 

Music Industry How To

Music Industry How is a great resource for independent and emerging artists as the site frequently posts descriptive articles outlining the steps of various tasks and endeavors of bands in a fast paced industry.

Digital Music News

Location: Santa Monica, CA 90403
Digital Music News specializes in news for the music industry but is more targeted towards Industry Professionals and Executives and not Musicians. However, many of their daily news articles are insightful and helpful for musicians to see trends and information happening in the music industry.


KnowTheMusicBiz.com is an online resource center for independent artists and musicians. 

New Music Strategies

New Music Strategies are blogs from Andrew Dubber on what’s going on in the online music environment and helping independent musicians and music businesses cope and thrive in a changing media environment. 

TuneCore Blog

Working off of their platform as one of the fairest digital distribution site around, TuneCore's industry blog is full of helpful tips and articles for small independent acts.


Location: Hollywood, CA 90038
Buzzsonic.com offers weekly blog posts on topics such as digital distribution, radio airplay, social media, and licensing. 


Location: Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
This on-line music news site audience is made up of radio programing and management executives and music industry executives. Gives daily updates on what's happening in the industry and other helpful resources.  

Bob Baker

Location: St. Louis, MO 63143-0058
Bob Baker’s The Buzz Factor offers music marketing tips and self-promotion ideas for independent songwriters, musicians and bands. 

The Lefsetz Letter

The Lefsetz Letter is an entertaining blog about music related topics. 

Music Think Tank

Music Think Tank is a collection of blogs from the music industry’s top business minds. The blogs range from topics to help independent musicians to trends in the music industry. 


Location: SC
About.com Music Careers website offers advice for up and coming musicians and people trying to break into the industry to help them take their music careers into their own hands. 

Musician Coaching

Location: NY
Musician Coaching is headed up by Rick Goetz a former record company executive that provides business coaching and free information about various facets of making it in the music business.  

Head Above Music

Location: CO
Head Above Music is a community of musicians providing tips and advice on music songwriting, gear, booking, touring, travel and health. 

Nine Inch Nails Blog

Trent Reznor of NIN is considered by many to be leading the way for "Do it Yourself Musicians" and making your own success. His creativity in marketing his band to fans and the new ideas he creates are something every band should stay on top of and consider adapting in their own music business strategies. 

We Are The Kids Blog

Location: Boston, MA
We Are The Kids is a community where young adults who are interested in getting involved in the music industry can congregate to share ideas and knowledge.


Echoes is the industry blog run by, Disc Makers, the independent leaning CD duplication company, that features a variety of 'how to' articles and helpul tips for indie artists.

Musician Forums

Harmony Central

Harmony Central is the largest online community for musicians. Artists discuss products, gear and other industry topics with each other.

Music Connection Magazine/AMP

Location: Van Nuys, CA 91411
Music Connection Magazine has a new addition, AMP has replaced the free classified section. The AMP Network offers the familiar social-networking tools and features found on Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, etc. AMP invites no fans, is always free and allows for safe and secure interactions with members who share your passion for music.


Gearslutz.com is an online musicians forum that has over 125,000 members that discuss topics heavily weighted towards music instruments, recording equipment, mastering & production. Great place to give and get advice on all these topics. 


Songstuff has a musician community forum covering topics in a Musicians Lounge, Music Biz, Music and Lyrics Review, Instruments and Recording. 

Indie Connect

Indie Connect is a professional organization for singers, musicians, songwriters, artists, music professionals and industry service providers. They provide both live and online industry training and networking opportunities.They are launching local chapters in cities around the country in which musicians and professionals network, support and train each other.   The organiztion offers a free social network, as well as an online magazine packed with videos, articles, tools, podcasts and more, all geared towards helping you generate a sustainable income with your talents.   Indie Connect has amassed a comprehensive library of videos, articles, audio tracks, tools and resources. Many are available for free, while many more are available to paid members.: 


Bandamp has over 12,000 members with musician community forums covering many topics with a focus on posting your audio and lyrics for review by other musicians. They also have topics in gear talk, lessons, and music theory.

d music

dmusic has a musician community forum covering many topics such as Music Business, News, and Music Promotion. 

Home Recording Forums

Home Recording Forums provide independent and small artists with insight into DIY music projects. Members discuss everyting from recording equipment, techniques and answer questions of other members.

Music Banter

Music Banter is a forum with over 70,000 registered members who discuss any and all topics within the music community.


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