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The ability to use online tools to manage your band and grow your fan base has never been easier. There are many companies that are offering web based applications to help your band.

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Band/Fan Management Online Tools


Location: New york, NY 10011
FanBridge is the leading provider of free email and mobile fan list management tools for musicians. With easy-to-use solutions such as customizable fan signup forms to put on websites, advanced campaign targeting, professionally designed email templates, downloadable merch table signup forms, artist-branded browser toolbars, cutting edge analytics and much more, FanBridge provides musicians with the tools they need to save time while effectively growing and managing their fan relationships. 


Topspin is a powerful direct-to-fan platform for bands and artists to use. It allows Bands one place to connect with fans via email, twitter, facebook and other social networks, Sell music, video, merch and tickets in a custom store on your site & embed your offers anywhere, and ship products world wide for bands. They take 15% of it's customers' retail sales and charges a $9.99 a month licensing fee. They claim bands/artists like Eminem, Sigur Ros, Paul McCartney and David Byrne as clients. 

Reverb Nation

Reverb Nation offers three tiers of memberships ranging from $0-19.95/month. While all tiers allow users to sell music from an artist profile on the Reverb Nation website, only the top “Premium” tier includes distribution services, which allow artists to publish music on major streaming platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. 

Artist Data

Artist Data gives musicians a way to update information once and have it distributed across all their social networks, websites, profiles, tour materials and concert databases.


Location: Framingham, MA
Nimbit is a online software band management tool that offers a comprehensive sales, distribution, and promotion solutions. Nimbits storefront platform let’s you sell physical products such as CD, DVD’s and Merchandise and digital products like mp3’s throughout your websites and social communities. They can run your direct to fan sales or distribution to major e-tailers.  They have fan management marketing tools.  They offer some of their services for free or all of them for $19.95 a month. 


Location: CA
Wazala, the store can be easily plugged into any website, blog or Facebook page. Feature packed allowing you to sell singles, full CD's and merch online. Sell both digital and tangible goods from the same store and manage secure digital delivery and inventory. Added pluses are a mobile shopping experience to sell through mobile devices, multiple language and currency support, fulfillment assistance, offer coupon codes, analytics tracking, and statistics. 

Next Big Sound

Next Big Sound tracks how millions of fans interact with online music everyday. They track the number of plays, views, fans, comments, mentions and other key metrics for 400,000 plus artists across major web properties like Facebook, MySpace, Last.fm, twitter and more. It's free to use.  

Artist Growth

Artist Growth is a mobile app that helps band manage their band merch, to do lists, finances, and gigs while on the road. It is currently free for bands to use. 


restorm.com is a professional and completely free tool that help artists to earn more money and create more attention while saving time in a various of ways. With restorm.com you can have custom widgets present all over the web (your site, your blog, Facebook,etc...) to sell your music. In one shot, you can connect and update your Facebook, Myspace, SoundCloud, Youtube or Twitter account to the restorm.com profile to keep fans up to date on concerts and releases, as well as keep track of your sales. The platform also works as a meeting point, where artists, labels, promoters, media representatives and music lovers can connect to share their music, offer gigs and tickets or talk about music.  


Location: Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
iFanz lets you upload your current fan address book and provides a turnkey fan data base management system. Collect, store and manager fan emails and demographics. Announce shows, new CDs, merchandise or just keep in touch. They have a limited free sign up program but if you have over 100 fans they charge depending on the level of services you sign up for.  

Noise Trade

NoiseTrade is an innovative band to fan management tool.  Free to sign up, the artist is given their own widget which is then able to be placed anywhere the artist is on the web (i.e. your webpage, FaceBook, or your favorite on-line social media). Viewers, or fans, are then able to click on the widget and hear your material, then drag the widget to their own personal webpage or on-line social media to share with other listeners.  Fans are able to make donations to their new found favorite artist.

Sound Cloud

Sound Cloud is an online platform that takes the daily hassle out of receiving, sending, and distributing music for artists & record labels. They offer a variety of services from Track Storage, Private Sharing of Tracks, Stats on who is listening to the tracks, and Track Widgets. They have some basic free services and premium levels where they charge. 

Section 101

Location: GA 30325
Section 101 has developed an evolutionary new web-publishing platform that enables music artists, celebrities and other entertainers to take charge of the proliferation of digital content on the web and effectively market their brand across the growing number of online channels. Section 101’s platform provides artists with an easy-to-use environment to intuitively create, deploy and manage their digital persona, while providing integrated tools to organize, leverage and analyze an artist’s fans via branded communities and shared content. In 2011, they acquired the popular band metrics, which provided analytical tools for artists and integrated it into their platform.    


"Make sure you build your fan base at all times through your website and while touring by getting contact info and where they live "

"There is no one out there to help new bands, you just need to split up responsibilities among the band members to all take on a business role and hold each other accountable. "

"Find fans to work on commission in areas of specialty they have. Fans are believers and may have talents that you need. There are some online retail stores that pay fans commission when they put widgets on their facebook and other social networks and are able to sell your music or merch to their friends. "

"Having a consistent email signature for all band members saying the same thing is key. Include press quotes, upcoming shows, and new releases. It is less in your face if it is in your email signature. "

"Don't cut and paste blanket emails to your fans. Be authentic even if it takes you longer as it will go so much further this way. They will tell a friend this band sent me a personal email and viral marketing will begin. Split up the emails and get everyone in the band involved. "

"Fans want to buy directly from the band as they want you to make the money and not itunes or amazon, so don't be afraid to personally email them directly and tell them they can buy music and merch directly from you. Give them a 10% discount for being a loyal fan so they are getting something also. "

"By collecting your fan emails everywhere you go and anyway you can, email them your tour dates and give them a coupon for $5 off merchandise at the show as well. Always offer them something as they often want to know what's in it for them and also feel special that they get a discount. "

"The best artists are amazing business people. Learn as much of the business side as you can. "

"Use Fan Management Tools to find out who your Super Fans are and keep track of them and build stronger relationships & maximize the lifetime value of that fan. You need multiple interactions over time with these fans. "

"Bands should always write their own emails to fans and space them out every 2 to 4 weeks"

"In your fan emails make sure you have a link to each thing you want them to buy like music, tour tickets, merch. "

"In fan emails make sure you link them back to your own website and not itunes or amazon. Fans want to buy directly from you plus you make more. "

"The best time to email fans is noon eastern on Mon, Wed & Fri when people are at work and Europe is still awake. "

"Always ask your fans for zip code, name and email. Now you can target emails by geography. "

"When announcing tour dates, try to email fans by geography and put in the subject the cities nearest them you are playing, this will make the read rate much higher. "

"The avg open rate for emails is 15-25%. If target emails better the avg open rate can be 30-50%."

"Make sure your fan emails/newsletters look good and are easy to read. Resize images in html and do test email to own inbox first to see how it looks. "

"If have fan emails but no zip codes, give them something for free to get it or ask them for it so you can give them more relevant tour info when playing their town. "

"Considering paying someone to collect emails while at shows. It's that important. "

"Do you know the % on your mailing list that buy a new album from an email blast. If not you need to. Now increase that number by 10 times if you are able to get 10 times more fan emails."

"Messaging fans directly and authentically is very powerful. "


Remember you have different levels of fans and each level needs it's own strategy.


"When emailing your fans about a gig, make sure to include give venue, city and date in the subject line as many people never click on emails but read subjects. "

"If you sell or giveaway a CD to a fan and you really believe in your music give them another free one to pass on to a friend"

"Many artists believe it pays off to give away your best song free as it will generate huge buzz and get fans to buy entire album, see live shows and reach a lot of new fans. "

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