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Lyrics are the number one searched item on google and every band should make sure their lyrics are registered with one of these companies which could create a new revenue stream for your band. You can sell your music via sheet music as well as get paid for those great lyrics your band has written.

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License Music for Sheet Music/Lyrics


Location: Emeryville, CA 94608
Gracenote Lyrics™ is the cornerstone of the Gracenote Music Enrichment™ platform, providing music vendors with a simple solution for expanding their end users' experiences. Song lyrics are copyright controlled content and can be used only with permission from music publishers. Gracenote has signed deals with more than 80 music publishers to date, including the "Big 4" which represent over 70% of the global music manufacturing and distribution market. Music service providers are challenged with building unique and compelling solutions. Building compelling solutions for their end users is challenging. For these end users, Gracenote offers a flexible set of lyric licensing options: Downloads Streaming Subscription Ad-Supported Search Paid Search A-La-Carte Embedded CE products Gracenote has partnered with an experienced rights payment partner to build a Lyric-specific rights clearance and payment system. This system ensures that complex and dynamic publisher and songwriter data is up-to-date and accurate, supports removal of disputed lyrics from the service, and delivers quarterly royalty distributions to songwriters. Gracenote helped create a new revenue source for songwriters, and is the only company with the rights, deals, and technology in place to launch a commercially viable lyric service. As the publisher or rights holder you can sign up on their site to add your lyrics to their program. 

Lyric Find

Lyric Find allows artists/publishers to upload song lyrics, artist bios and album artwork and be paid when songs are searched thru a licensing agreement. They have over 40,000 artists and 1 Million songs. 


Songsinc allows you to sell your songs without vocals to songwriters all over the world who can create new songs and new royalty opportunities for you.

Music Notes

Contact Music Notes to carry your sheet music and you will make money if they sell it. Have over 70,000 songs and 1 million customers.

Sheet Music Plus

Location: Emeryville, CA 94608
Contact Sheet Music Plus to carry your sheet music and you will make money if they sell it. Carry over 456,000 songs from over 1000 publishers.


"Music Supervisors are considering more and more independent music for their projects; it generally costs less than the Majors, and is just as good."


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