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If you have a loyal fan base there is no reason why they can't help spread the word about you and get paid for bringing new fans to your site who buys music and merch from you. Clearly this could be a win win if you are comfortable asking your loyal followers to get up on the podium with their friends and spread the word about you.

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"If you have a fan club, there are many companies that can help create sales opportunities for you. Check out the sell your music on line category "

"A new report says half of all music sold in the U.S. will be digital in 2011. "

"Nielsen reported 89 digital songs exceeded the 1 Million sales mark in 2009 compared to 71 songs in 2008"

"Albums reviewed on itunes sell 33% more than albums that are not reviewed...so review your albums or get your family to. "

"Nielsen Reported digital track sales hit an all time high in 2009 up 8.3% from 2008 to more than 1.1 Billion. "

"Artists/bands should create an asset list such as CD's, videos, band merch, etc and figure out how you should market each of these assets. "

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