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Every band needs a website that they can give bio's, upload concert info, tour news,  sell merchandise and music. These resources can help you get the basic web presence so friends, family and fans can find you online and buy from you.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

Web Store Hosts & E-commerce


Bandcamp is a free service that powers your website for you. You retain all rights to your music. They offer tracks in mp3, AAC, FLAC, Ogg..all the formats that uberfans demand. They charge 15% of the sales you make plus you need to pay Credit Card processing fees that are about 5%. They give your fans easy tools to share your music with their friends and they do it in a way that drives traffic back to you. They also give you stats like where your fans are coming from, emails for free tracks you give out, what are they listening to and more. 


Bandzoogle helps you build a website for your band as well as an online store for MP3's, and merchandise. You don't need to know anything about web design as they do all the tech work.  Their standard plan is $14.95 per month.  

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is a site that allows small businesses within the music and arts community to effortlessly sell their product. With a variety of plans, sellers can use Big Cartel's services for free or pay monthly fees for different levels of service.

CASH Music

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization that builds open source digital tools for musicians and labels. Their mission is to help educate and empower artists and their fans to foster a more viable and sustainable future for music. They have a totally free platform of tools for artists and labels to sell, share, and promote music directly to their fans. They have already released installable tools that can be used to set up social integration, tour listings, and email collection. They are in the process of adding commerce and streaming tools. 

Host Baby

Location: Portland, OR 97218
Host Baby is from the people at CD Baby and offers a musician’s web hosting site. $20 a month, not set up charge and first month free.


Bandfarm allows you to make your own ecommerce site, sell your downloads, create a subscription fan club and manage your email marketing campaigns.

The Connextion

Location: Burlington, WA 98233
The Connextion runs estores for musicians including fulfillment, downloads, ringtones, elist management, emarketing, and more.


Location: New York, NY
This site helps you sell your videos and music digitally. They have a free program and then some programs that they charge.


"Change your pictures frequently on your site as well as content to keep it fresh and encourages fans to come back."

"Use free google analytics for your website to see where people are coming from and how they found you. "


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