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PR Firms for your band and music is a great way to leverage a publicist's rolodex of key connections they have made throughout their career. Pubic Relation firms are another key member of your bands management team to take you to the next level and better connect with existing and new fans. 

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Musician Publicists

Nasty Little Man

Location: New York, NY 10012
Nasty Little Man has been in operation in excess of twenty years, running campaigns for some of the biggest names in indie rock and alternative (Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Arcade Fire, etc), but they also work closely with highly talented smaller up and coming acts.

Big Hassle Publicity

Location: New York, NY 10005
Big Hassle Publicity located in New York offers public relations to the music industry. They currently represent over 110 bands. They also have management, licensing and online marketing divisions.  

Girlie Action

Location: New York, NY 10001
Girlie Action is a New York based publicity, marketing and management firm that provides a number of services to artists of pop, indie, folk and other genres.

CyberPR Music

Location: Brooklyn, NY 11215
CyberPR Music offers a ton of free articles and advice in such areas as Public Relations, Getting your Music Heard, Online Distribution, and Social Networking. 

Canvas Media

Location: Toronto,
Canvas Media is a Candian PR firm that works some of the biggest names in the Canadian and American indie scenes.

Cobra Camanda Publicity

Location: Austin, TX
Cobra Camanda Publicity has offices in both New York and Austin, where they work with a variety of established and promising young talents of the indie community.

Green Light Go

Green Light Go Publicity offers public relations to the music industry.  

Black Lodge Publicity

Location: Lancaster, PA 17603
Black Lodge Publicity is a musicians PR firm located in Lancaster, PA. 866-219-462 

Kelleemack pr

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Kelleemack pr located near Los Angeles offers public relations to the music industry. They currently represent 7 bands.  

Live Loud

Location: Denver, CO 80206
Live Loud in Denver, CO offers public relations to the music industry.  

McGuckin Entertainment PR

Location: Austin, TX 78704
McGuckin PR located in Austin offers public relations to the music industry. They currently represent 9 bands.  

Rock Paper Scissors, Inc.

Location: bloomington, IN 47402-1788
Rock Paper Scissors is a Publicity and Marketing firm in the U.S. for "world music" and reggae labels and artists. They have over 20 artists they currently represent. 

Team Clermont Publicity

Team Clermont is the preeminent indie music PR firm in the US representing artists from 14 different countries with fiercely independent passion. From Sigur Ros, R.E.M., Arctic Monkeys, & Norah Jones to Sufjan Stevens, Cheers Elephant, and Curse Of Lono, Team Clermont represents independent, unsigned and signed artists from all walks of life and of all genres that fit an indie pop or Americana boutique esthetic, no matter how big or small. Founded by industry veterans Bill Benson and Nelson Wells in 1997, Team Clermont's reach is worldwide. Team Clermont may be contacted at PRpeople@teamclermont.com & submissions are accepted at http://teamclermont.com


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