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New Technologies are bringing new revenue opportunities to artists to sell your live shows while giving fans something they want, so everybody wins. We outline companies that are giving you ways to stream your live shows online to your fans all over the world. Also, why not sell your fans the show they just attended moments after your last song, what a way to listen to it, remember it, and share it.

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Sell/Stream your Live Shows


Ustream is a leading interactive broadcast platform that enables anyone with an internet connection and a camera to use webcasting technology to broadcast to an audience of unlimited size. It's free to broadcast. 


Livestream offers bands a range of options for delivery of your live, linear and on-demand video broadcasts. It is free to use for basic streaming and they do have premium pricing plans for enhanced options. 


Location: Montreal, H3R 2J8
xumanii launched in Feb 2009 with a way to broadcast your live show in real time thru the internet and either make it a public viewing for anyone to see or a private(charge for the event). You can use the service for free if you have your own video camera with a fire wire to your computer. If you want to go with a wireless set up and/or multiple cameras you can buy a Xumanii backpack (around $200) which consists of  the hardware to make this happen. The site goes into detail on how it works and what you need. 


Location: Los Angeles, CA
Aderra allows a single technician to record your live show directly to USB wristbands which are ready for distribution minutes after the event has ended. Their system is the size of a suitcase and can be hand carried. They have 3 program options for bands 1. Turn key service is on a revenue sharing basis for acts playing 2000 plus heads a night. 2. Lease/License the equipment on a weekly basis plus the cost of the USB's. 3. One off show if in the Los Angeles area for a reasonable fee plus the cost of the USBs. A great way to give your fans a true take home experience from the show and earn you extra income as well. 

Second Life

Website that facilitates you to have live on-line concerts and charge for them. The website creates a marketplace and a way to collect the money your charge for entrance to your on-line concert.


Location: Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
IROCKE is the leading source for live digital concerts worldwide. IROCKE offers the simplest way to discover and attend live digital concerts.

Fan Footage

Location: Dublin,
Fan Footage is a crowd sourced video compliation of live shows. Fans in the crowd can send in the video footage to Fan Footage and they will piece everything together ontop of high quality to to create a dynamic and realistic online concert viewing experience.


"A growing trend is for bands to pre-buy tickets to their own show and bundle it with T-shirts, signed CD's, etc. and sell it back to their fan base. Are you doing this? Check out selling your own tickets section to get some resources. "

"More bands are selling live shows on line to their fans. Gov't Mule has sold over 1.5 Million songs of their live set in the last 4 years. "

"There are new technologies that are creating a new revenue stream for bands by recording and selling your live shows to your fans. Check out sell your live shows section. "


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