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Street Teams effectively get the word out on the street about your upcoming performance or album release. Use them wisely and they can make a big difference in helping your band grow.

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Street Teams

Fueled by Ramen

Location: New York, NY 10104
Fueled by Ramen works closely with bands and their managers to properly ensure successful marketing campaigns around record releases, shows in select cities and other happenings. 

Alternative Press Stream Teams

Alternative Press offers a a variety of services through their various street teams located in nearly all major and some secodary music markets across the country. 

Book and Tips for effectively using street teams

This site offers a book on street team marketing – a killer strategy for independent artists by Chris Standring. Also gives you an overview of how to use street teams to make your band more successful.


They are a software provider in the form of a social network. They have created an environment that enables an entity of any kind (band, record label, gaming company, corporate or non-profits) to build, organize, maintain, and manage a grass-roots "street team. Fancorps believes that your street team should be built from your most devoted friends, family, fans and followers.

Cone Communications

Location: Boston, MA 02116
Cone Communications is a large marketing firm that works in a variety of fields, but also has a strong enterntainment and music component to the company. They have offices in Seattle, Boston and New York.

Music Dish

General overview of how street teams can be used to help independent musicians.


Location: Phoenix, AZ 85086
Streetteam.net offer street team marketing for bands.


"Treat your street teamers just as you would your employees in a business, after all they are working for you for free in most cases. "

"Offer your street team exclusive content and swag to keep them interested and involved in the team. "

"Always remember that your street teamers are in most cases your most passionate fans, reward them as often as you can. "

"Focus your street team on grass roots and viral promotions. Some members will prefer to complete physical tasks while others will be more willing to network online. "

"A street team is no longer an option in today's music landscape, you must be working to involve your fan base in every way possible to maximize your impressions on new listeners. "

"Do not ignore your street teamers, if they feel you do not care to put work and time into organizing and managing the team why should they be volunteering their time to help you? "

"Communication and organization are keys to building and maintaining a successful street team. Without those two elements things are not likely to be very effective. "

What can a Street Team do for today’s working musician? by Fancorps.com More...


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