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These are the best general touring resources we have come across in our research to help artists as they hit the road. Check out our other band touring categories as they are equally important, these resources just did not fit in one of the other touring categories.

Qualified And Ranked Resources

General Touring Resources

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Couch Surfing

Location: San Francisco, CA 94120-7775
Couch Surfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the communities they visit. It allows the travelers to stay at their home for free and make new friends in that community. They are in over 200 countries with over 600,000 people volunteering a free place to stay. They report a 99% positive member experience. Over 900 bands joined the network in 2008. 


Location: Boston, MA 02118
Sonicbids connects bands with people who book gigs. They have over 150,000 registered bands/artists and over 14,000 music buyers.  The costs start at $49.95 a year and go up if get more services. Have policy if they can’t book you a gig in 6 months you get back your money.

Indie on the Move

Indie on the Move is a free site that allows you to find venues to play at with all the key contact information and reviews by other musicians. Also great feature that tells you if all ages, 18 and over or 21 and over.  Navigation by state is cool feature. They include Touring Tips as well. 


Location: IL
Eventric is the maker of a software program that allows band of all shapes and sizes to manage their tours effectively and more efficiently. Keep track of maps, tasks, schedules, guest lists, set lists and share information between phones. With a database including 6,000 venues and plenty of major acts endorsing the product (Dave Matthews, Black Keys, etc...) why not give it a shot for a 30 day free trial.

Indie Venue Bible

Location: Ottawa, ON, K2C 3C9
This site has contact info for 26,000 venues in the US and Canada to help you find the best place for you to play.


Location: Fresno, CA 93722
Pollstar allows you to submit your upcoming concerts for potential posting on their site. They do not guarantee entry of dates submitted but will if time permits. They give you the free submission process. 

The Music Phone Book

Location: Omaha, ME 68106-1013
The Music Phone Book has 10,000 live music clubs and venues with key contacts to use for booking gigs. The cost is $39.95.

Set List Master

Set List Master allows you to create, share, and print a number of set lists by simply clicking and dragging. Upload the software and follow the very easy to use instructions to begin creating set lists that coincide with comments like, "key of A", "tempo 175", "acoustic solo", etc.  Once your set list is created, share it with the rest of the band members or print to use for the gig. 30 day free trial period!

Bandbook Inc.

Location: MD
Bandbook is an all-in-one concept for the band. Not only create a profile with your bands info, photos, etc. and share through social networking, but in addition manage billing, inventory sales/supplies, gig calendars, rehearsal dates, payed gigs, venues, and mailing list.

Armed Forces Entertainment

Location: Arlington, VA 22202-4306
For over 50 years they have brought America’s best entertainers to the world’s largest theater. Gain exposure to military men and women and the satisfaction of performing for a most appreciative audience. There is no cost for you to apply to go on their tour.  


Location: Oakland, CA 94608
Tour­Swag is a inde­pen­dent full ser­vice tour mer­chan­dise com­pany.

Cube Passes

Location: Reno, NV 89510
Security credentials and backstage passes for music concerts such as laminates, satin passes, luggage tags, wristbands, and more

Everything you need to know about house concerts

Location: Bellevue, WA 98008
House Concerts are a growing trend that brings musicians right to music fans homes. This 15 part video series shows you step by step how to have a successful house concert.  The best part about house concerts is the intimate setting and musicians usually make more doing this then playing a local bar, so everybody benefits. 

Gig Masters

Location: Redding, CT 06896
This site will help you book gigs locally or across the US. Prices for booking start at $59 for 3 months up to $249 for a full year of listing your band for potential shows across the nation. They book shows at private parties to weddings, to corporate function. They don’t appear to book clubs. They have been in business since 1997


GigNation is a free site that bands can upload songs and links to your video.  The service allows you to type in a city you want to play and see the other 5000 plus GigNation bands in the database and you can email them to see if you can play with them. This may make it easier to book a gig and break into a new market. Also, GigNation has a service where they pre-book a venue with previously screened bands who want to sell tickets directly to their fans. Each band must guarantee a min amount of tickets. 

Online Gigs

Location: Delray Beach, FL 33482
Website offers services to automate the touring process. They charge $19.99 per month for their services. They actually don’t book the gig but give you contacts to book as well as other services to promote your tour. They have over 9000 venues, colleges, festival and media contacts for you to view. Gives tips for booking your tours


"While on tour keep a spreadsheet of date played, venue, city, venue booking agent, phone number, how much you made from tickets, what merchandise you sold, guarantees, hotel, number of people, and time slot. "

"These are some great ways to promote a show: social networks, website, send 3 emails to fans in local markets(2-3 weeks prior, 1 week prior, day before), flyers/posters, contact friends who are influencers in that local market, contact bloggers in that market, local radio appearance, record store appearance, ask local talent buyer for what works in their market, contact local press, online contests. "

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