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These are some of the most popular touring books we found to help make your next tour more successful.

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Touring Books for Sale

The Musician & Performing Artists Guide to Successful Touring

This award-winning, unique, step-by-step guide and resource book, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent, Packed with helpful hot tips, savvy advice from industry professionals, realistic methods and action plans enhanced by completely updated resource sections following every chapter including recommended books, directories, web sites, businesses, new conferences and much more.   The book costs $30.

Tour:Smart by Martin Atkins

Martin Atkins of Pigface, PIL, NIN, Killing Joke, and Ministry, shares his tips and advice on how to operate a successful tour in his Tour:Smart book.  Having had 30 years of experience and his share of mistakes, Martin reveals everything from routing and geography, to drugs, merchandising, venues and how to produce a more profitable live show.  

The Musicians Guide to the Road

What’s a tour bus like? What are the band members saying to each other on stage? Exactly how much sex, how many drugs, how much rock ‘n’ roll are we talking here? The Musician’s Guide to the Road answers all these questions and many, many, many more. Both a valuable primer designed to prepare young musicians for life on the road and an entertaining memoir of the touring life written by a seasoned musician, this is the book that reveals the scene behind the scenes. Chapters focus on preparing to tour, touring by van and bus, the day of the show, the afternoon before the show, the night of the show and the morning after, life on the road, and the end of the road.

The Indie Venue Bible

Location: Dayton, OH 45459
The Indie Venue Bible is a book for sale that has 26,000 venues and 2,000 booking agents.

The Tour Book: How to Get Your Music on the Road

Live music is a huge industry. In 2006, concert ticket sales totaled $3.6 billion in North America alone! Playing live is an integral part of the success of any musician, band, or artist. There is a huge difference between writing and recording your songs in your home studio or rehearsal space and going out and putting on a show. So how do you make sure your show has the maximum impact? How do you appear professional and knowledgeable in an industry that has its own conventions, language, and baffling technical terms? How do you get booked into a venue and get paid? How do you then get bigger and better shows? The Tour Book: How to Get Your Music on the Road answers these questions and many more. It provides practical advice, hints, and tips on every aspect of putting on a live show, including rehearsal, equipment, travel, accommodations, show booking and promotion, sound checks, contracts, taxation, working abroad, and marketing. 

A Small-Business approach to booking your band on the road

The Touring Musician helps performers at all levels of experience to take control of their careers. Packed with practical information, this invaluable handbook guides musicians in applying sound business practices to band travel by evaluating assets, creating an action plan, researching, negotiating, and booking venues, arranging transportation and lodgings, managing personal and tour finances, and getting publicity. The Touring Musician includes: Point-by-point advice about how to set up a small business Eleven sample worksheets and checklists, in a ready-to-photocopy format, that will help keep you and your information organized Samples of the major types of legal documents involved in booking a band A step-by-step chapter showing you how to book and route a sample tour, including five calendars and five budgets Plus solid advice about how to research your venue contacts, negotiate gigs and fees, manage your band finances, coordinate your promotional activities, and much, much more


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